Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tensions Rising Between Facebook and Developers

By Evelyn Rusli
Wall Street Journal
Updates March 19, 2013

"Facebook has long had a complex relationship with developers as it balances a complicated set of interests. The company says it is stepping up efforts to police the network by curbing spam and restricting apps that aren't adding sufficient value to the network."

App developers who are trying to work with Facebook, say that the social media company are conducting a crackdown in an attempt to stifle apps that compete with services that are owned by Facebook. Another part might include an effort to get developers to pay for the adds that are now on the social media giant.

Applications that have been affected include "Vintage Camera," which is a photo-sharing app, that is owned by Antoine Marcos. Recently Facebook decided to block "MessageMe Inc," which is a messaging service that was launched days prior to it being blocked.

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