Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Best Apps for Mastering Twitter

By Matthew Lynley
The Wall Street Journal
March 21, 2013

Twitter has been one of the top social media sites for the last couple of years. Its user count is close to one billion people. Facebook leads the way with over six billion people using it, but Twitter is slowly building its audience. Twitter also has a big mobile interface where there are multiple apps that you can use.

"Seven years ago, Twitter launched. Since then, it has gone from a simple Web interface where you can post Tweets with text messages to having several apps, including ones it builds itself." Twitter has its own app which is the regular one that you can download. There has also been third party companies that have made their own Twitter app to enhance user experience.

"Twitter as well as a few third-party developers have created several apps that are there to help you decipher all that information and make it into something sensible, and help to push content like photos to Twitter.

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