Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Facebook Chat comes to iPhone and iPad via Update

Peter Kafka
All Things Social SD via The Wall Street Journal
April 16, 2013

Facebook is constantly coming out with new updates that include new features to all mobile devices. There is a new software that is going mobile and it's called "Chat Heads." As of now the feature is only coming to IOS devices and they will be included via a Facebook app update. "Chat Heads are a clever update on the notification system most smartphone users already familiar with - instead of getting a text update when a pal wants to talk to you, you'll see a circular picture of your pal's . . . head."

The new feature is scheduled to go live today (April 16). There is another feature that is included with the update and this one is called "stickers." ("Everyone has to have stickers in their messaging app), as well as a new version of the iPad layout, which mirrors the version Facebook recently brought to the desktop News Feed.:"

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