Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Journalists Don't Have to Like Social Media

By Rebecca Rolfe
Online News Association 
March 28

Social media is an industry that has been rapidly changing the world. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus have exploded over the years. People can interact and communicate with each other than ever before. The question is, if old school people can adapt and use social media to interact. There are a few journalists who don't join social media networks for whatever reason.

"I'm well aware that the gamut of social media platforms available today are tools that can enhance a journalist's connection to audiences beyond a city block, surfacing trends and real-time reporting and providing fast connections to potential leads."

Loker in his article said "They are tools, not necessities. I worry that social media presence has become a requirement to being a good journalist. I love journalism for daring to push boundaries, for watching my peers and co-workers find those untold stories and delve into the search of truth."

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